Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Harborne Walkway

      The cut is put together first
                                         with mud and ivy
                       with broken up wood

                 Behind the sycamore there lies
                          brown plastic garden throne

                      up top a smashed up PC
                           cracking a screen smile

               decomposing stump with
                        ecstatic upside-down
                   mushroom beard

                     All trees are unreasonable

               slips of torn porno mags
                           (paper trail for boy hard-ons)

      Spilt milk, coagulate!
                              Make sour and paint along!

                dead beer cans strewn
                      with here and there teeth

           sleepers on their sides

     The woman and man run fast  
                         sweat sheen
        that fixed portable distance
                 two junior solicitors or something

                Under the higher arch
         blackened geometric
                               dirty grandeur working

            Come down from between the houses
                      into the boring streets


  1. Grand evocation of the place and its variegated contents, human and other.

    This urban fox along the Harborne Walkway appears to be on the lookout for sweaty robotic junior solicitors, at a fixed portable distance.

    And the tunnel cut through the Walkway seems it might offer a safe harbour for indigenous (fugitive) wildlife -- not to mention a receptacle for discarded electronic trash best kept out of the light of day.

  2. Thank you, TC.

    That fine fox would do well to keep his distance fixed.

    We're very lucky, having this wild, unruly corridor so close to hand.

  3. And we're lucky to have such a fine tour guide!

  4. Thank you, Vassilis! At this very moment, I'm wearing my special tour guide cap and epaulettes.