Wednesday, 6 February 2013


These shots were taken in and around Thorney, a village in Cambridgeshire, between Christmas and the New Year.  I've visited often but couldn't say I know the place. It keeps itself foreign. 

This is where most of the sky in the country is. They've been gathering it up very quietly for some time.


  1. A lovely memento of long-ago days spent happily rambling in ye fens, mostly a bit to the east of here toward Ely, but still -- in a flat world, what is not equally flat?

    With of course those several great churches rising up here and there, as though, even in a flat world, there are special privileges dispensed for a beauty that rises into the sky.

    And the sky, the sky!

    That bottom shot is stunning, at once beautiful and properly foreboding, what with the signpost caveat, and the streak of blood upon that darkening sky.

  2. Thank you, TC.

    I've still to make it to The Wash. Not quite sure why we've not yet managed it.

    There's one Church close to Thorney that's a particular favourite. Crowland Abbey, still in use as a parish church, is particularly impressive.

  3. looks familiar, not so strangely.

  4. Boyce looks like it has some of that flatness. All those fields. Lots of sky, I imagine.