Saturday, 6 July 2013

Bus note 61

Ants in formic (maybe) happiness
crawl along the red bar
above the seat in front
        and the boys and girls
        of Challoner's
        exit the top deck
led by spurious
and charming logic
to catch the bus behind.


  1. The celestial epistemology of formication.

  2. The ants will inherit the earth... here's hoping.

    A little biographical detail: Bishop Challoner's was the Catholic state school up the road from ours with which we carefully maintained a ritual enmity (though our school had no religious affiliation as such).

  3. Well, how many proper ant colonies can boast -- er, would the word be host? -- a Lord and a pair of Baronesses?

    Bishop Challoner school's winning Class 8 Alpha

    "The ‘Peer Factor’ competition’s youngest winners are ten pupils from Class 8 Alpha who nominated their form teacher, and Director of Sports at their school, Manola Toschi-Restivo – or Mrs Restivo, as she is known to them.

    "Pictured left to right are: Mrs Restivo; Gabriel Kirby; Lord Kirkwood of Kirkhope; Baroness Hayman, the Lord Speaker; Baroness Dean of Thornton-le-Fylde; Ilenia Nola; Sarah Wilson; and Sally Martin.

    "The 12 and 13 year olds nominated Mrs Restivo for membership of the House of Lords because she is ‘kind, hard-working and always there if they need her.’ Her teaching background would allow her to get involved with education issues and her keen interest in sports, and recent organising the Youth Games, would provide expertise on matters relating to the forthcoming London Olympics.

    "Mrs Restivo said the nomination had left her with a ‘deep sense of gratitude and personal pride in the trust and affection displayed by them, which I shall cherish always.’

    "The 2011 Lord Speaker’s competition for young people, ‘The Peer Factor: Who Would You Put in the House of Lords and Why?’, asked 11 to 16 year olds to think seriously about the role and purpose of the House of Lords and argue for who they think would make a valuable contribution to making laws on behalf of the UK public and checking and challenging government actions and decisions."

    11 to 16 year olds thinking seriously about the role and purpose of the House of Lords, now that's some weighty formication right there.

    And speaking of weighty, the Director of Sports appears to have been hitting the weight room. Those are some guns on her (as the saying goes).

  4. She looks like she could handle herself.

    Excuse the last minute revisions: the thing's been bugging me for the last 24 hours and I couldn't stop myself.