Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Portrait 9

 Recite: "I have, of late..."

                        He makes the name
                   resonate: "Shakspere"

 Picture: a paper thin crown held up
                         glitter sticky

             Hands become claws
                   He's a monster
         "That's right"

     From room to room
                 thieving papers              his bliss
            for under the bed

 comical          unmanageable

                 Chucks my chin
             The old roué and the chorus girl

          His slow way
                       slow memory


  1. Best that such memories be slow, so as to last, and keep the living image of the gone one green, yet awhile longer... even as the approach of winter can be felt, at the door.

  2. To my mind, there's a moral imperative here; keeping the living image. Mostly, I watch the slowness in others and have yet to take the lesson inside.