Saturday, 14 June 2014

All ears

Foxes make baby pain sounds

Cat with thorny penis weeping too

unfurled musk tendrils

Love is a tight face

I don't want these animal adventures
bared little teeth and hid little bones

The shakes are somewhere in me

Sleeping people
just keep
their mouths and eyes shut


  1. Got fed up trying through email and joining your followers. Trying this way All Ears, again so well crafted and drafted and would have sounded so good in your voice..

  2. Thank you, Cheryl. Glad you could find your way on here.

  3. The sad plight of the 33,000 ragged and mangy urban foxes in your country, exacerbated by one of them lately having had the temerity to nibble the pinkie of an urban bairn, thus evoking calls for a mass cull, touches the heart far more acutely than did (say) that late Italy goal, yesterday.

  4. The press response is ridiculous. Some halfwits have used it as a means to argue for a repeal of the hunting ban.