Saturday, 20 September 2014

After hometime

A sordid pillow
with entropic halo:

it is a person
on the wipe clean chair.

Woolen monkey with plastic face and
plastic hands
unfeels for the floor.

The heat
from my sweating head:

dull evap gas all breath forever lost.

Words had

In the underskin
the motive sump trembles.

Jesuit me exits and smiles wry.


  1. Jesuitical definitely the way to go with the motive sump.

    However I must not laugh, as in many respects I fear I might pose you an even larger set of problems than your standard clients.

    Bone stump at end of withered leg unfeels for floor... all forever lost... precisely... & c.

  2. Learnt that from Father Damian during my trainee saint days: look, but don't look too hard or too long. Sad to say, I never graduated.

    When everyone has left the centre, the day's noise still haunts the rooms.