Sunday, 12 October 2014

Bournville Parish Church

Chapel walls
are falling milk

swollen fly
shoves air about
and says "against"

Candle in red
glass sheath

Circle panes;
forever traps

Draped in
chocolate quilt
piano keeps stumm

My voice from
face down
in a pool of before

Fraying service book
joke fatefully

There roars
a gash
until it slides


  1. Forgive but... methinks there is an entrapment-by-chocolate plot unfolding... or shall we say artfully melting... here.

    The odd collocation of Cadbury's with St Francis fits well enough geographically, as I understand.

    Contacting the heavens from within a sticky pool of anything else but chocolate could not be half so sweet, one supposes.

    It's hard to believe that, if present beside you as a phantom fellow parishioner, one would be able to resist the rippling contagion of silent mirth.

    Noting that this Sunday now just past (for you anyhow) was the day upon which churchgoers have been encouraged to bring along their animals to the services... well, that did thicken the narrative just a wee bit...

  2. Christ, I've suddenly seen the whole thing as a Flake advert.

  3. It was a very fine bluebottle.