Saturday, 4 August 2018

Set Time

Excrement spreads from back to front finding creases and somehow the order of a day how fear

sets vertu aside how the soi-disant decision gleams yes one girl in the corner arches her back

the wrong way then up straight and settles assertions stunted slither from front to back

a doll face and you know there's a conversation to be had but wait but wait a lulling smile


  1. The first 6 words remind me of a boy band through my wireless. My soul destroyed by the la's and oooh's. Everyone is beautiful and waving their hands in the air like they don't care. Welsh for Cockerel sounds like Kellogg which is why a Cockerel is on a cornflake box. Erie.

  2. Yes, Uncle. I'd forgotten that Westlife number.

  3. From shite to smile this one takes us through the whole gamut of I won't say emotions but perhaps the word would be conditions, of human life. In four lines, no small feat. Brilliant, in fact.

    Can't escape the Wisdom of Uncle. The Boy Bands are everywhere around us now, like the novichok! And worse, like the novichok, they never are quite what they seem to be.

    Up with the Old Breakfast Food Allegiances. Awakened by a Ceiliog and proud to say it!

  4. Cheers, Tom.

    You're my Ceiliog this morning (aided by a vat of treacle thick coffee).