Saturday, 5 October 2013

Bus note 74

Pulls a sycamore leaf from a tree
and rubs his hands with it
        then stabs
        at pictured fuckers
and goes raging up
Edgbaston Road
        as our bus necks crane
        amused or afraid
till the roundabout
and the dead electric menorah
waiting on working wires.


  1. The words "dead" and "working", in the final lines, take on an accentuated importance, here: indeed they are the poles across which the current must leap, for this circuit to be completed.

    Either "amused" or "afraid" would then seem an insufficient response to the elemental drama going on (as it were) off-stage.

    (One assumes that in any case this spare list of possible responses represents a reductio ad absurdum.)

  2. I trust to there being more.

    I've thought a lot about the raging man. That yet-to-be light should be for him: you've got to keep on keeping on.

  3. Than you for your reading, Tom.