Saturday, 19 October 2013

Bus note 76

The stops on Dudley Road
by Summerfield Park:
        Older boys ride
        gondola swings
then the ballet over baby fences.
        One bikes across and harries
        the electric wheelchair kid
(soon gone, mind).
        Fucked up halal butchers van
        coughs smoke that shadows face
of thin frantic girl
who swigs her Nutrament
then hunts for a fag
swearing wired-eyed.
        Read pavement flecks
as Horse chestnuts
cut Park in half.  


  1. A nice economy in the lazy-going bump-and-swing of this, and particular satisfaction in being double-taken-in by the neat triad of 4 syllable lines at the end -- a syntactical short-circuit which derails the attention and sends one back to read "Read" once again (in either of the two pertinent duckrabbity ways...)

    (Always appreciate endings that don't close but seem to hang in the air, as an equilibrium balanced.)

  2. Thank you, Tom. Your readings always allow me to look at the thing again.

    I'm always wary of any resolutions that come too easily. And these notes are works in transit.