Saturday, 30 November 2013

Bus note 81

The colouring book is very small.
        Reads: My name is...
Mother asks his name
        and he draws
        a thick blue skyline.
Book's full of stuck in eyes
and pictures of broad skinnylegged men
        Tips of her nails
        painted with dark half moons.
Brightness of her woven cuffs.
        She touches the pages softly.


  1. Masterfully painted, written to be read out loud.

  2. Thank you, Vassilis. It's very good to think of the words being read out in another part of the world.

  3. Beautifully driven..which says more than one thing about a "bus note"..dare we leave each one of them hanging on the back sides as these buses leave..or may the coloring book have a couple of them buses too..I'm driving my imagination elsewhere, from where i should say this is a beautiful occurrence..

  4. Lovely this.

    Puts new meaning into the expression "a soft touch"...

  5. Dunc - Have you thought of getting these up on the tube? They put poems up in the carriages and your are just the right length and thought provoking. Suzanne

  6. I haven't but I'll look into it. I haven't put in any submissions for quite a while.