Saturday, 7 December 2013

Bus note 82

After yesterday's blowabout
        there's Autumn brightness.
Boy from over road
takes one stop trip
        with dissolved amity
        for shabby crown.
Can't breathe evenly:
old ghost fear register.
        A subject scuffed.


  1. We're all subjects if not servants, else why would we be on bus.

    Anyone who can breathe properly on bus must have something wrong.

    New issue buses here have everyone face to face across aisle on hard plastic buckets with strategic bumps, less space, more crowding, and overhead arena-wattage lighting that explodes into action at stops, presumably to assist the on board video in achieving clarity (right and lots of luck with that).

  2. Well that was a bit of a reach, daring to claim servanthood or subjecthood while neglecting to mention that other, nether category of rider, the vagrant -- subjects and servants have a sort of sixth sense that detects those, the furtive glances flicking over the shabby shoes & c.

    Scuff a subject long enough and it may hatch into one of those. Though it's not the season for it. But why else would a vagrant be on a bus?

  3. There's always a voice when bus climbs the hill to the work stop: "Keep on till the terminus and then keep walking" but I bury it each day and step off, a good and faithful subject/servant..