Saturday, 3 August 2013

Bus note 65

        School kid music
Heat aches
and the skin all raised.
        Red sweat
        taut face.
Girl holds her head
heavy in her tiny hands.


  1. ..and everything just seems so... swollen. A very strong body presence in this one. Physics, chemistry, one has to go through it.

  2. Something about the heat wave we've had over here, I think. Certain moments, one would wish the body away but it stays put, glowering.

  3. Red sweat and taut face could be signs of allergic reaction to jellyfish sting. I learned this from clips of new movie in which the terrible symptoms must be alleviated by dashing with uric acid sharpish. Hunky hero, emergent from breakers, writhing on sand. Nicole Kidman must urinate upon him. With US southern / Aussie accent, in a bikini yet.

    Was grievously stung by jellyfish off Spanish coast this time of year, 1964. Thank God Nicole Kidman wasn't there.

    Here we're having a cold wave forever. Perpetual darkness. It's called "the marine layer". An annual delight.

    Still, a head is a heavy thing in any weather.

    Took heart in shaking hands and lurched aboard downtown bus last night... needs must.

    Waited 42 slow mins. Bus went by without stopping.

    Schedules mean nothing.

    Waited another 37 mins for next bus.

    This one actually stopped.

    New kind of bus with hard plastic fold-down seats, couldn't figure out the method.

    Driver impatient... "we're on a time schedule, here".

    "It's OK..."

    Banging the cane helplessly on the locked seat back...

    "Not OK sir. Can't start until you're steady."

    "Not steady, Ma'am."

    Older black man along the aisle actually looked up from rhythmic tic-shudder... and laughed.

    At nothing.

    Big time Saturday night.

  4. There'll be Time to teach her about patience and courtesy, If nobody else will.

    Trying to imagine the rest of that Kidman vehicle in my head. A rum business altogether.

  5. Patience and courtesy and bus sociology are concepts from mutually antagonistic metaphysical realms.

    Paperboy: the jellyfish scene (Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron)

    Like we used to say around the studio back lot down at the South Australia plantation, That's Entertainment, Mate!!

    Just keep in mind no actual living organisms were harmed during the creation of this scene.

    Too right, and good on y'all!!

  6. I always knew this sea bathing lark was a bad business.