Saturday, 17 August 2013

Bus note 67

Long and slow line
of cars turning in
to Hallfield school
        carrying rich
        and legitimate children;
dear lumps
of expectation
        capped and hatted,
        red and green.
The bus waits and waits.
        Tap out riled and
        displaced patterns
on jutting, resistant knees.


  1. dear lumps
    of expectation
    capped and hatted,
    such a brilliant line!
    I didn't know school kids in the UK are capped and hatted. In Japan they come colour coded. White, yellow, pink etc...

  2. A relief the way legitimacy seems to have called out (despite itself) for resistance, in the aural dialectic of this. As in other ways as well.

  3. Thank you, Marie and Tom.

    All state secondary schools have uniforms over here. The school in question is a prep school on the Calthorpe Estate. Very exclusive.

    Thought about the sounds hard; an illicit music. It matters that we poor bastards feel as well as think the struggle through.