Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Portrait 6

   tonic see saw

how sweet the sound

             shook and stuttered vowels

        singing into there       opening ear
             faces very close

singing aye aye yippee

       an interval's ache
                       plus pulled up time

      fingers touched hardly
   for friend markers

     look clicked for less than
                          then lights out

            hymnal creaks    4am

  This new sign looks like tears

     "I never seen him
             leap about
                     like that before"

          chemical flowers

             music is just
         about everything
                  in half lit hall


  1. You made music, WB. Reading through this I can hear every note of it. Masterful!

  2. Thank you, Marie. Very good of you to say so.

  3. New bedlam orchestra pits, a hive of chaotic (random?) activity. Much like the (or a) world.

    This new sign looks like tears

    (I believe I seen that one before.)

  4. There's the desire to connect here, I think.

    As to The World, the connections are all laid out, the feelings prescribed and the conversations already had.

    Yes, the new sign was never all that new.