Saturday, 10 August 2013

Bus note 66

Pissed up
and his bare arms
all limned webs and flags
he falls into Iceland
        as lean kids
        in Henley shirts
        carrying cue cases
take up pavement
with fuck you laughter.
        The storm
        comes closer
with each tiptoe breath
using up the comic force
of the grand false lashes
on the now shivering girl.


  1. "The storm is threatening..."

    Arresting capture of the dystopian chav culture currently on course to conquer Earth.

    First read comic as cosmic.

    Is there a difference.

    Long meditation in dark sickroom upon this poem has given it more meaning than perhaps it ever did or in any case was meant to contain.

    At any rate, let us resume this discussion soon, out of range of the analysts... perhaps the old GKN Screw Factory in Smethwick might make a usefully secure location for (discreetly whispered and murmured) "talks"...?

    We shall before long know more, perhaps, insh'Allah.

  2. cosmic/comic: separated by a thin hiss.

    "And all flesh shall see it together".

    GKN, I know it well. The Wooden Girl and I pass it on our trips out (but perhaps it's best we all keep stumm for now).

  3. As threatened, then -- strictly on the quiet, mind:

    Wooden Boy: Bus note 66