Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Sonnet 003

You and I are talking in the park
about the future reeling on its pins
to fall wet eyed and drunk on all our thoughts:
We think therefore we work hard to forget
the stitches stretching, giving way to truth,
and Spider Death's silver thin lullabies.
Hear the trumpets now as stars fall down

To the ground that shifts with every step.
Such bright new blooms, you say with red fists clenched.
As sure as gravity, we kill the smiles
That flit about the air, ready to stick
to all that passes for a human face.
Nothing should distract from all these wounds.
Their beauty shows in Love's inhuman light.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Sonnet 002

Walking inbetween the heathen trees
That coax the dark to fatten up thin fears
I throw about these prayers like amulets.
What credulous blood slinks through these dumb veins!
Leaning to some prehistoric voice,
It trembles, picks up pace and rushes on
To the fleshdark hollows of the heart

Where reason - paper thin - is flushed away
and the pulse makes music: brash, unschooled
but teaching nonetheless your tongue to stir
and sing aloud the scorn of gravity.
This is a world's end; you know the score.
Faith in the shapeless dirt is fading fast
and giving way to ghosts and hope and fire.

Monday, 19 September 2011

March against the cuts, Sunday 18th September

Here are some images of a march and rally held to coincide with the Lib Dem conference in Birmingham.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

DFEI/Arms Fair Protest, September 13th

Here are some photos taken during a day of protest in London. They begin with a die-in, move to an arrest and then record some lively conversation with the police. There are also some images of the lobby outside parliament.

If you're an activist, supporter or fellow traveller, please feel free to make use of these images.

Here are more photographs of the lobby outside the houses of parliament.