Saturday, 26 April 2014

Up top

Starlings made of spectral metal
meat   they flit

Sticky town, you win
with hick intimacies
eyes   tongues tethering

old toot stalls      nylon baby dolls
(later aflame)    a cheap decent cauliflower
dog food         fish hooks
fucked toys

Woman calls me dapper
till I trip a step

line of the Severn         unromantic
hidden old industry silts
practical fish

Subject filter's bust
lets a personhood shimmer

Something's always carried over

thumb of mollusc

a scared hairline

White woman a statue you
look to in love with her
white stillness trick

lips press
bitterness kisses

Old beast making water
Jesus, he says. Jesus

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Bus note 95

        Pink porkpie
        with plasticky dogtooth band.
Jacket's frayed
and heavy tweed.
        The falling down houses
        hold up just.
A swig of Frosty Jack's
        and another swig
down burnt red throat
with sparse white hairs.
        The mower and clippers
        he does the rounds with;
mensch testimony.
        Outside Wilf Gilbert's,  
mangy blossom petals
flatten beneath
shod feet.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Bus note 94

Sunrise Senior Living:
gilded piss pot palace.
        Faraway Sun drips cold
on boy's thick-knit red kapele.
        Finicky leafless twigs
branch against syrup blue.
        albino deer
        set apart
        in sodden grass.
The engine judders
        and sometimes
        by accident
        I happen

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Bus note 93

Her white fur head band
with flecks
of red pollution dust.
        Broken diamante phone
is a mirror where
she does up her face.
        Insect machinery
        shows up at edge.
Her inch long gold nails
window tapping
        till she turns
        and looks back hard;
        eyes perplexer jellies.
The Camp Hill boys
with smooth wealth pallor
        tick off mini-cruelties.
Sweating Chinese kid
from some long bad shift
goes along to sleep
with head to cold glass.
        Where the magnolia
        flowers cup up
        now is here.