Saturday, 29 March 2014

Going outside

Braised steak   hid mouth pink
opens and says open and

memory cult     thick paint signals

a glue coat of not-innocent fingers
chewy crumbs

sheer awning

on to Summer's swung futile
soft grease cricket bats

No supposers: mush of now
judder the sprung stumps

Thin rat skirts peeling wall

How up is the heating

for the game disassembled

Eye slits with human glaze around

sing song acetone (smelt drape)
veil and chrome green nails

The skin dissolves again

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Portrait 12

  and mackerel clouds thicken

           Her teeth split this skin
     white roof of hand
            with ganglion curls saying   up

             The cup's thrown
                  and the big bent
        jack of so and so

        Her black plastic alice band
                                           not holy

               thumb   tip   cut   out

             alive     alive


        like a stab in the eye
                   thieved kiss    
    or bursting a blister

iridescent lid dark wickedness

   Sometimes the fits
           look like laughing

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Bus note 92

I sweat here being ill.
        The fog.
The shop clock's stopped.
        I shuffle off.
Six foot woman smokes
long thin cigarette.
        Her dress of triangles.
Walk over before
the green man says yes.
        My fog. My eyes.
The back of my stupid head.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Bus note 91

        Lips stretched livid
and going at it too.
        A spittle ring
        cakes there.
Eyes are 372 now questions
outneedling each other.
        He wants to be in again.
Mad with the Export
and schizo pills (aura
of closed ward)
        he works
        a thin familial recall note.
She listens and answers,
measured and scared.
        Her little girl looks
        and makes remembering flags.
Questions, wet ropes,
dark stabs over
stiffening, shutting down heads.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Music and Movement

Lungs clagged outside

       sucked smoke
  blown out as amulets

                     excremental air

        Yellow sacs are full
      with people weights

 a breather

             unseen caking
          secret stalagmites

              Fishes in blood are blind

         His bloated neck in heat
              a fat key jangle            

 sleeping tache          where
      the windowless eyes

   Us against        poverty romance or
     fucked and ready dignity

 Meandering in and out
           of stupid garden

Her with jewelled eyes
        and then bleak eyes and then
   jewelled again

           her heart her hate aflutter
              her hurt her
      hysterical hair map

Medical witnessing
                        at a chatter pace

     Decay-stained valentine, curled
                where the plumbing


"We don't go
to the disco"

 And the dank old
           in the cold old
    Brythonic dropped clouds

From the back window, The Shadows:
              "Wonderful Land"