Sunday, 16 June 2019

Omega Blocking Pattern


Thrown off umbrella cups
with sheer spines out

Vast motherer in bronze
by Women's Hospital

Shot with darts of care
unfiltered, you

Look: wet paper leaves
in sure play heaps

hand to the door and the beams
and the snug joints

I'm 40 to 50 years old

Shrunk girl with pebble specs
swigs pepsi max
and stares me out

Back there white beard
of holy so of swallowed up
allegiances of mass of melton cloth

Each cloaca mouth ajar

Bright nausea of Summer linden sperm

Each alternator mouth


The siren sounded
maybe from the Heath
and his face paled

We got infected too

Radiant stems in the brain folds

In given minutes splinters reshape veins

Clicking in and closing

Worm spectres swim
the retinas

Song sung unthinkingly
till the humid minim breath

Saturday, 8 June 2019

Our Day Out

My pink neck says yes

and the humid brushwork swell of sky

Hear James Ray sing "...mind set..."

Offal cakes at image rim of chat

The grey factory front is peeling in Stechford

ragwort horseradishes with thick cream elderflower heads

[with plum vowels] No more extrajudicial dreams

The tile work's for half cut jollity

with the planes up at angles

Slap daft your pink face for effect

ghost portico        broke pillars

Yet another cheap glam plant

with all the endtime celsius

Let us father wilt together

One muntjac dead in the Pinn

like wood undoing paling grain

Endless weaves the celandine