Saturday, 28 June 2014


rose head drops
and taps the
piano wood:

mouthful of sound

Feet ache
with their bleach film
naked and
out of Sun

grass shrinks
and darkens in the yard

Do love the green
and unbelieving chestnut leaves

Insolent guitar
turns face away

a breath upstairs
where she

tucks up sleep
in her arms

Think on
the delicate
neck of bird

Worm makes
a circle and waits

Saturday, 21 June 2014

My own way home

It isn't a wilderness
with this edged river
of diluted vitriol

Rough kids' feet
dip in

At the bridge
nun in mufti
tries to smile

What are tiny crushed-face dogs for?



reg stitching

tick tock

Jasmine sex
trails about
the physics block

Not starts but
pristine befores

These are the clean
and legitimate boys and girls

Non-joke looks are key shaped
as in in

This one's crying herself
to raw peeled face

Muirhead Tower done up
to neutered politesse

Way back when the glass sheets fell
cutting up silly ways (so they said)

Godlike I ride a Raleigh Ace (steel framed)
red as lid shy sunburnt eyes

Let the hunch back lecturer be
a marker for pre-ended history

A hole in the fence is one way through
figured with
memo ghosts

and insect thick
and lovely dark

Saturday, 14 June 2014

All ears

Foxes make baby pain sounds

Cat with thorny penis weeping too

unfurled musk tendrils

Love is a tight face

I don't want these animal adventures
bared little teeth and hid little bones

The shakes are somewhere in me

Sleeping people
just keep
their mouths and eyes shut

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Bus note 96

Her forget-me-not shirt
gets sticky in breaking rain.
        Lattices of scars
        on lower arms
and rush job star scratches
on loose hung cheek:
        skin book
        of harm.
Dragonfly tattoo
looks penned on
with wrong hand
in thick vein blue.
        Steam fills
        in lenses.
The wet makes
red bare places.