Sunday, 13 September 2015

O Willow

From Smethwick to Wolverhampton, Birmingham Canal

Piebald pony in sham heat
roped to a lamp post
on a Tipton verge


It isn't love if it isn't love
goes the switch box


on pen stems



Coseley Tunnel
kept air sharpens
with droplet calcium

The front light's swamped



He's crouched by the bank
with a thin stripped branch
as if half divining

Weeds in the water
are half seen
Are they creaking?

Crickets are all
a shook
their organ legs

We PAN, with slowly streaming weeds


and blackberries blacken
past black to rot dust


At the outskirts
inflammable tanks
will dissolve
halfarsed feathered mysteries


well there is
no rain just
whitened sky