Sunday, 28 April 2019

Hanging about

  Coming off the string roll
                                      beads versus set constellations
                          versus here

Verbal curds at the lip corners

           Light of itches hatches
    some last orders

               kicks a cone over at rage pace

        A peeling horizon is violate


      Subjects, busted,
      lick wounds -
      knowable, prone

Sunday, 21 April 2019

Short order

Emptied sheep trucks move out dulled steel
the numbers upping on Pershore Road

Odour of end odour

Fear with heat curtains
and faecal whistle home

Fungal pocks stud
linen left out
on a wayward line

A one heart smeared      shown

Sunday, 14 April 2019


 five leaf wind eyes

       lime white pillars     pitch beams

      clattery fanfares   

         The odd bent thumb rule blurts

  irregular for ornament

          pro patria         wormholes hole

   lank red glam veil voiles

     Rustle, weevils     killing falling stone

oak wreaths with curlicues

    gold leaf secrets        sprigs in hesitance

So lullay the comms organ

      Bend the back back        deer horn ghost prints

      failing throats

    Get tight with class tricks

         fluted breath       fur clusters

   Plastic hymnals bleed

        And everywhere the same changes

Sunday, 7 April 2019


     They do make a work
            out of the stopping short

  Us aspirants under shiftless Sun

               Off and on then fallow

  Tenderly, a hurt soon blooms
          the delicate cream bell flowers sewn

                   And the wreaths
             and the wheelchair circuits

                                   muscle ardour

      Piano overstrung gone wrong

         Sugar, enervate
                         the hands the fingers

         We will make
         what weighs
         hardly a thing