Saturday, 18 August 2012

Bus notes 15

Checked shirt, checked shorts
and a moustache trimmed to the regs,
the worn half of him rests on a stick
shielded with every Irish county.
        He ushers us all on
        for the Outer Circle
        using the magic of
        a gentleman.
The last shall be first
are the words burning.


  1. The Old Irishman may be on for the ride to the end of the line.

    So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few remunerated.

    Sunz of Man: The Last Shall Be the First: The Interview

  2. ...unless they're munerated first.

    The 11 bus route has inspired a Scottish Country Dance. Should anyone care to try this out, a very brief tutorial can be found here:

  3. That video has excited the missuz to great envy. However she feels a sisterly empathy for the poor dear who stands with her back to us, her dress and sash in fine order, yet motionless while all the merriment whirls about beyond her.

    "When does SHE get a bit of the action?!"

  4. I have a terrible feeling her bit of the action is forever deferred.