Saturday, 20 April 2013

Bus note 50

        Clamour of ducks descending
        to half-frozen pond in the park.
Grown man in woollen animal hat
(knitted ears)
comes dull-eyed down the aisle.
        Monday morning
        and Winter carried over.
The air is clearer. 
are some clouds.


  1. There is a sweet haiku taste to Bus Note 50, a strong image evoking power. Winter has come back here too. Even Sundays can't do anything against that.

  2. Thanks, Marie. I had ground this one down small over the last few days; I'm glad there was a haiku taste to it.

    Yesterday, we had the first good, bright day for a long time. It felt odd putting this one out.

  3. Can it be there is a fashion statement lurching down the aisle to be born, here?

  4. 6th row, 2nd column and you pretty much have it. I've already seen others sporting this get up. I think the moment has arrived; one can only hope it passes quickly.

  5. That's precisely the one I had singled out in my imagination. The large, with snap fold neckpiece.