Wednesday, 19 June 2013



  1. love the stones!

  2. The Atlantic gave a great gift there.

  3. Erm...

    There's the thought that these... what would be the word... specimens? probably look quite adorable to other... specimens?

    Interesting colours in #2 & #4.

    Doing one's best to suppress the knowledge there are cultures in which people actually eat this stuff.

    I find more intelligible the uses to which it's put by Archie and Tina and their little playmate. A sort of a slimy javelin-volleying. The out of sight out of mind principle. Fling it as far as possible, then flee in the other direction.

    Now that might be fun.

    When we stayed in the same place
    With Archie and Tina
    At the seaside,
    We used

    To paddle the samphire beds, fish
    Crabs from the sea-pool, poke
    The anemones, run,
    Trailing the ribbon seaweed across the sea's edge
    To throw it as far as we could.

    Stevie Smith, from "Archie and Tina"

  4. I know they tuck in to seaweed around Antrim (as they do around the North Wales Coast where my old man comes from). I think it starts off looking like that ribbon stuff. Not good eating to my mind. You're right: Archie and Tim have better sense.

    The wife has only looked at these once. To say she isn't taken would be an understatement. Alien body parts is how she has it.

  5. Understand the wife's POV. And that's a major understatement.