Saturday, 26 April 2014

Up top

Starlings made of spectral metal
meat   they flit

Sticky town, you win
with hick intimacies
eyes   tongues tethering

old toot stalls      nylon baby dolls
(later aflame)    a cheap decent cauliflower
dog food         fish hooks
fucked toys

Woman calls me dapper
till I trip a step

line of the Severn         unromantic
hidden old industry silts
practical fish

Subject filter's bust
lets a personhood shimmer

Something's always carried over

thumb of mollusc

a scared hairline

White woman a statue you
look to in love with her
white stillness trick

lips press
bitterness kisses

Old beast making water
Jesus, he says. Jesus


  1. "Woman calls me dapper
    till I trip a step"

    That's lovely, in two phases. With the second I am all too familiar. With the first -- brilliant Brum, far kinder than our town.

  2. Thanks, Tom. There are some good souls roundabouts.