Sunday, 15 July 2018

Post Crem June

At the seam that runs up
the retired solicitor's crotch (effortless
           structure/ small
                            beast tempo)
a darling bluebottle sends out a bright array
           of as if rays

       Deadness lawn of the course, we surrender
       and go mushy here, the air thickening
       with sticky suits alchy phyz pics

Henley only whereno  .  broken posts

recit. angels of Arden, eh, ardour
arbor, ARDEN

Big dog barks laughs and far away

A glass mouth in a cloud of face

       What will
       you pay?


  1. Excellent capture of the sticky season with evocative suggestion re the itch that cannot be scratched inside the sticky suit w/o self contamination Any coin secreted in the suit however shall not be remitted prior to forensic or tea submission.

    Summer Shxpr in the Queen's Gardens a memento graven on a medal that can never be touched.

  2. Thank you, Tom and Red, fellow travellers both.

  3. Yes, nice and sticky but still coming clean.