Wednesday, 15 May 2013



  1. nice images...

  2. You found nice patterns, WB, playing with repetitive elements and the breaking of repetition. I particularly like the two squares / two circles.

    (Could those be building blocks of the former Berlin wall? I'm so ignorant. The wall probably didn't look like that. Was it brick?)

  3. The Wall can have been nowhere near so formidable as the exaggerated fortifications expended upon those two bikes... and anyone desperate enough to have removed them from their moorings would then have a hard time of it wheeling them away over that jerryrigged bridge of planks... and supposing all those obstacles had been overcome, that guard dog awaiting at the door does look quite alert...

    (WB, you aren't being paid by the Visitors' Bureau to advertise the welcoming attractions of this city, it is safe to suppose?)

  4. Cheers, Sandra, Marie and TC

    I'm afraid the remnants of the wall are all breeze block and iron rods - a job done quickly and on the cheap. The blocks in the photo are cobblestones. Much of Friedrichshain is being renovated. I'm glad you liked the two squares/two circles. There was a quietness in that image for me. It was taken in the apartment block where we were staying with our friends.

    I'd be very happy to put in a proposal to the Bureau; I'm sure there's a niche market they're not drawing on. The Brandenburg Gate is so last season. As far as I'm concerned, you can never have enough loose German Shepherds and rusty bikes.