Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Washing song

rain says nothing

old oh hole mouth
hid behind
looked after face

would you be
bright clean again


  1. I've been having the hardest time with what used to be called English, of late...

    The concept of Face, for example, in relation to what used to be called "public space".

    And then, contiguously, in the context of writing (trying to avoid connecting "face" with "book", here!), the concept of "turning the page" as it were, and thus being washed clean.

    In any rate it does though sound quite good it be clean.

    Shall have to remind oneself to try that sometime soon.

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  3. Some faces are a proper picture.

    With a body often in revolt (the eczema doing its thing) one can never wholly rely on the mask on show.

  4. That is one frightened turtle.

  5. If one could just turn the pages of one's face. A clean, immaculate page every day. Instead pages are added to it every day, and the book is getting dirtier and dirtier.
    Is someone's face a good prediction of what this person is? Is every man over 40 really responsible for his face? I forgot who said that anyway...

  6. I guess there's beauty to be found in those great sodden written over books now and again.