Saturday, 21 July 2012

Bus notes 11

Around the gaudy roundabout we go.
Dudley Castle does its old joke again
        and above the town
        the brown horse tumbles up,
        so gauche, with a belly full
        of helium
toward the clouded over Sun.


  1. For a great image of Dudley Castle from the Bus Station, go to this link:

  2. WB,

    That horses-arse-ish helium balloon seeming so corroded and indeed almost leaden (however allegedly Edenic) it made the prospect of a Sunday Black Country outing seem a flight into an earlier industrial, yet somehow oddly better, more roundabout, limestone-remembering pre-Olympian sort of bus-riding time. But in a good way.

    Up, Up and Away, then!

  3. It was a poor scrap of a thing, but lovely to see, nonetheless.