Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Making Wilderness

              Is there anything grows
                             out the back now
                  that isn’t green to cover over
               the old fun and games?

                      our cranked up signals winding down

        unschooled friendship schooled
                                     and the spluttering heart wiped clean

        A scrubbed mouth has eaten
                       the near to teatime Sun.

              We weren’t babies
              but we were in the lovely muck
              and tasting everything.

  How our dirty, brazen chatter is forgot!

              I need, I want,
              I dribble still,
      but these days it’s all framed up

                     and the well wrought
          bramble scribble
                               is now the bad line in forgetting.

                         We won't be working
              the garden to before.


  1. There is nothing relieves a sadness so well as honesty particularly when armed by articulation, the only tool sharp enough to cut through the framed up days. To need and to want, basics -- at worst the indicators of life continuing. Some days it feels nothing more can be asked (forget expected).

  2. I'm glad there's some solace here, TC. In turning your attention to the need and the want, you turned my thoughts to the Blake engraving: http://bit.ly/aX2MLj

  3. And we could do know better for an assertion of the truly vital than the clip you drew our attention to: http://bit.ly/Geovz

  4. Well, she's not reaching for the moon. Just a bit of understanding. We have at least that much in common with her.