Tuesday, 31 July 2012

This is history! on Bong is Bard

Thank you to the lovely people of Bong is Bard for their publishing of the three from my series, This is history! It's been great to have the chance to read them in such a fine and righteous context.

If you have a serious interest in things poetical, you should take the time to visit. Go there. Now.


  1. Where else would we ever be found, when not here?

  2. This would be the place, TC. http://bit.ly/Nm0iaS

  3. O my, this is feeling Masonic, WB. Perhaps Napoleon might provide a clue, but...

    Veronika wasn't able.

    But no bother as we are facebook unfriendly in any case, and wouldn't know what to do with an app if given one. By whoever that is standing in for Veronika. Though perhaps pasting it to the forehead in lieu of a miner's light, and charging on into the unknowingness...

    (Who's that little wooden fellow tugging at my leg, then?)

  4. You're right, TC. We should put the funny handshakes aside or, before too long, we'll be invading the roller disco.