Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Which Side Are You On? [4.]

A photo I took

       Look at the girl
       at the edge of the picture
       whose bluewhite fingers
       shade her eyes.

       Her dress drops limp
       from her collarbones
       in the still air
       to the demo's floor.

       When she tries
       to scarper, the hem snags
       on the frame’s edge;
       always figured before
       she can get gone.

       And she can’t ever
       make the words
       she wants to
       come out.

       To be seen
       or to be heard, noted
       or passed by;
       switches are clicking
       all over.


  1. An enigmatic capture.

    (Makes us pine to see the photo.)

  2. She was collateral damage; a compelling figure at the edge of an otherwise average picture. Drowned in the swim of zeros and ones.

  3. She's also in the place I often find myself at these events. Drawn by her allegiances but never quite at ease in this particular theatre, she edges her way out but finds herself caught. It isn't where she wants to be but she shows up nonetheless.

    I go with a camera as a comfort blanket or the excuse for not quite being a proper party member.

  4. Could it be there's a bit of her in you?

  5. You're right, TC.

    I used to be ashamed of always being at the periphery, whether at the marches or other spheres of life. I've never been one for joining up, whatever the club has to offer.

    That sense of shame is gone, I'm glad to say.