Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Which Side Are You On? [6.]

             Is it the thing
     to be noting down
              these filigree memos
           as the rain falls
              on the page
  and the ink runs

and uncolours?

      The words
             all there
           will not be read.


  1. There are times (most often in the deep of night) when the leaky microscripts seem to bleed into the darkness...

  2. The things that stick to the page and won't be gone have the word ghosts in their dark round about them.

  3. While I was coming home from work yesterday, I remembered this poem; one of your lovely things, TC:


    A heartfulness of mind
    A mindfulness of heart


    Some sense of time passing
    Love in the dark

    Some sense of life passing
    Time in the dark

    Can't see to write words

    In notebook
    By flashlight


  4. Serendipitous timing WB, I come to this from posting this.

    "The area of oneself is like a drop of ink absorbed by blotting paper, gradually spreading, blurring at the edges, receiving upon it other blots in different shapes and colours until finally the original is dim, indistinguishable, while the saturated sheet of humanity upon which it lies is cast as worthless into the wastebasket, and another sheet, a clean sheet provided by the advertisers, is placed upon the desk."