Friday, 25 May 2012

Two Poems

The Hide Out

In Ain, the radiologist is packing up your troubles.

     married by the tenderness of each sentence

Listen to the ink darkening.

     combing the light out of her hair

Could you be the loveliest creature? 

The sugar is there on the table quietly.

     some names whispered, as a lover might

(We know all the flowers in the garden are boring after a while).


A day lasts as long as the light tells us it does before 9 and after 5.

     Oblige me with your time

The rota's sodden and'll stick to the glass.

Don’t ever think that I don’t.

She is always early.

     very still, making numbers appear

     and wages shrink then into a rouged fist

It’s held about an inch from the back of your head.

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