Sunday, 27 May 2012

Getting to know you

     Look at you and me shuddering.

     Little green shoots peep from under our lids.

Outside the house, everything is plain and powder white
like they had it at the beginning.

You mouth the word “love” and I swallow up
the air that comes my way.

     Sometimes I wish that things were more complicated.


  1. I love the ending of this !! must read it again ina minute !!umm think alot of time we dont realise what is happening as just happens reminds me in a strange way of waiting for godot which i liked !!

  2. I'm glad you liked it, Lou. I wanted to shift the feel of it at the end with a simple, almost ordinary phrase.

  3. Blinding!

    And not only that WB, there will come a further benison when you discover that that particular universal and generalized wish also happens to be the one wish that is always without exception fulfilled.

    What is it they say, It's all good.

    Day by day, better and better, bigger smile, whiter teeth, what's not to like, maybe. And no bother ever!

    1. Drafted here by Tom Clark's happy posting of your poems, and echoing his and others' praise. I will read backwards here and keep looking forward.