Tuesday, 8 May 2012

This is history! [part four]

You cannot follow where        
    The idea was to make them see the reigns with their eyes    the 34 percent who say they believe in ghosts 
    He treads the boards,                with his signature ciggy.  
               Go into the woods until the moon is showing         from between the beech trees.
In the clearing you gather yourself like        so many dirty letters stuffed under a mattress
We were always waving the guarantees about, swatting the details away           You cannot
               There is nothing, she said, that you could teach me.  There is that.                    So, everything that once worked didn't after the grand faux pas                                               Try our computational humour                                    a name pinned to the chest,          everyone else keeps quiet. You ask them questions and they say yes or no.
    Hearts are on sleeves this season      x is the new y is the new x
               who would do literally anything for a pocketful of dirty change

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