Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Which Side Are You On? [14.]

        some thinking was tender

        then the colouring in

        took a vulgar turn

        as you were

        speechless yet again

        at the branch meeting

        all of us in the shit

        but one on top of the other

        your washed still hands blown dry



  1. Curious coincidence with today's news from the camera oscura of the administered world, in which twisted perspective we cannot but find ourselves cast as involuntary bit players. The Central Offices -- Washington, New York, London -- have a place reserved for each of us at a branch meeting just round the corner.

    No clean hands at this table.

  2. No skewed shit or whatever happened to guys like Joe Friday who just wanted "the facts, Ma'am?"

  3. There's always the question as to whose facts they are.

    Looks like Bibi's kicking off the election campaign with a flourish.

    There are testaments to something other than held tongues.