Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Which Side Are You On? [15.]

not just
the words
we're all in
a mess over
(or even)
say we are
moth dust
thin or as thin
as a shadow is
see through
but not enough
and always about
to leave
the room as
a situation
still but still
lingering here
(all nerves)
the stem
of a glass
we can't afford
to say
out of
our turn


  1. Yes. Social appropriateness is a fragile membrane indeed, often frozen over, easy to slip up on, or -- perish the thought -- to fall through altogether. And keep falling. In this circus world there is no net. The situation has always been bought and came dearer than it was meant to. There will be no refunds thank you very much.

    (Here we're having thankfulness and gluttony and heavier than usual traffic and excessive spending and frayed nerves and all those good things which create the non-binding societal agreement to be distracted, otherwise known as "the Holidays". A room no one can leave... even if a body lies upon the street unmoving, there will always be someone wanting a leg up, to step over it...)

  2. Sounds like Christmas: frozen turkeys and rough sleepers.

    The odd thing is I always want that social ease but some inherited spirit scuppers it. The family is a gaggle of walking faux pas.