Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Which side Are You On? [16.]

                  We will never be anybody’s
                only the pulse that heads
                                  to not yet is ours
                        since Dad gave us the Eschaton
                      told us to keep it safe and warm
                  a trembling animal
                                        beneath our coats

                       We’re so very small and tired
                                     just holding hands


  1. Come come. Do relieve worry of many peoples by promising poetry here is merely transcription of overheard.

    Surely you can't mean to perversely immanentize the eschaton by dispensing shape with lion body and head of Anaal Nathrakh for whole family, sir!

  2. Your link brought back many happy memories of family trips to Wales (although the singalongs could be a tad wearing).

    The old man has a lot to answer for.

  3. What is it they say, There are rhythms only Dads can hear?

    Perhaps the world will end not with a bang but with an offkey singalong.

    Though at this moment the New Climate is brewing up a rough beast of a storm out over the water and bearing down upon the event horizon...

    Someone somewhere must be safe and warm. There in the not yet.

  4. We can only hope.

    This is the last of this series (for now). Glad to be done with it. There's a feeling of having somehow missed something. Maybe a few poems get some way close.

  5. i have to say, the codex necro is still one of my most favorite albums of forever..